Venture Storm – Powering the Idea Grid

Venture Storm is a power grid of ideas for 21st Century business ventures, a new way of energizing ventures and bringing them to market.

As a “power grid”, Venture Storm is both a network of smart, imaginative and focused people and a storehouse of usable intellectual property.

Conventional wisdom holds that ideas by themselves do not a business make. We agree…but only so far.

We believe that – under the right circumstances – certain kinds of intellectual property can be streamed like electricity to intermediaries and end-users. Such a view requires a different way of thinking – but so do the technological conditions of our time.

We also believe that swiftness of action – from idea to funding to marketing – is a necessary feature of powering up new and existing ventures given today’s global connectivity. Ideas and their implementation need to storm into being like lightening.

There are gaps between ideas and the places they deserve to be. That’s where Venture Storm seeks to establish grids.

The Century of Ideas has arrived. It is our vision to build the infrastructure that links thinkers with do-ers; funders with producers; and marketers with consumers.

Venture Storm’s mission – inspired by an energy model of intellectual property – is to build a grid that links the generation, transmission and distribution of ideas that can ignite and power new markets.

It’s a grand vision for sure: which is why we believe in cultivating a small network of brain capital that can focus on insightful guidance and marketable deliverables.

We encourage you to follow the content we provide on our blog, in our tweets and on our Facebook page.

We also have a forthcoming semi-private social network which you will be able to apply to join.

Finally, we conduct regular meetings and congresses which we call “Venture Storms” – brainstorm sessions for venture ideas. For details, email ideas {at} VentureStorm {dot} org.